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as well as any destinations from Europe to Kaliningrad and back: Warsaw, Vilnius, Berlin, Krakow, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Riga, Tallinn. Order any transfer and we will find you a comfortable car.

Successfully operating since 2015

Comfortable and serviceable cars

Loyal and competitive price policy

Safety when transporting children (seats)

Courteous drivers, service and comfort

Attention: Beware of scammers.

Top-Transfer accepts transfer requests only through the contacts and forms specified on this website.

Any offers of our company from third party contacts, you accept at your own risk.

Our Advantages

We offer excellent conditions for comfortable passenger transfers from Kaliningrad to Gdansk. That's why people choose us:

You will not wait

The driver will arrive on time and you will not have to wait for him or her

You'll be satisfied

The driver will be friendly and will not spoil your trip experience and may even brighten it up

You will be met

The driver will meet you at the agreed time and you won't have to search for him or her

You are safe

The driver will be experienced and will ensure a safe trip. He knows all the routes and all the bumps in the road on them

You'll feel comfortable

All cars are in excellent condition and equipped with all modern options for a comfortable transfer (air conditioning, drinking water, USB charging, Wi-Fi, child seats).

You will not be alone

The driver knows the rules of border crossing and how to act in various situations, and will help resolve any issues that arise

Trip time

Thanks to our experienced drivers, we provide transportation faster than public transport. Travel time from Hrabrovo to Gdansk airport is on average 4 hours

Child safety

In accordance with the highest safety standards, all children under 150 cm tall are transported in certified car seats

Safe payments

Our site does not accept payment for services. We are limited only to the selection of the best type of transportation for you. Payment for services is made in cash to the driver after the service is performed.

About us

We have been acting as an intermediary for passenger transportation and transfers from Europe to Kaliningrad and back since 2015.


Successful transportation


Kilometers traveled


Comfortable cars


Satisfied passengers

We have extensive experience in passenger transfers between Kaliningrad and Europe (the most popular destinations in both directions: Kaliningrad – Gdansk, Kaliningrad – Warsaw, Kaliningrad – Vilnius, Kaliningrad – Berlin) and know how to provide really high quality services.

We are proud that for many years our company has been a reliable partner for passengers who appreciate the high standard of service and impeccable quality of our transfers. In every trip we strive not only to provide safe and comfortable transportation, but also to make the transfer a pleasant and carefree moment of your journey, so that you can enjoy your trip without fuss.

Our attention to detail, professionalism at every step of service and friendly staff make us the best choice for those who value their time and demand only the best. We guarantee that your trip will not only be time efficient, but also enjoyable, inspiring and memorable.

In addition, we are constantly working to improve our services to meet the highest quality standards. Your feedback is important to us and we are always open to suggestions and requests to make our transfers even more comfortable and enjoyable for you.

By choosing our company, you get not just a vehicle, but a reliable partner in your travels. We appreciate the trust you place in us and guarantee that your comfort and safety will always come first. With us, every trip is a pleasant journey and we look forward to giving you unforgettable moments on the road!


The specified prices are prices for transportation of up to 4 people on the specified route.

You can order a transfer both from any city in Europe to Kaliningrad and from Kaliningrad to any point in Europe.

We will meet you at the airport, train station, port, at the border or at any convenient address.


Gdańsk ⇆ Kaliningrad

Gdańsk - Kaliningrad
from 200,00 eur
Gdańsk - Kaliningrad - Gdańsk
from 375,00 eur

For round-trip itineraries, the price includes a three-hour return wait*


Warsaw ⇆ Kaliningrad

Warsaw - Kaliningrad
from 300,00 eur
Warsaw - Kaliningrad - Warsaw
from 400,00 eur

For round-trip itineraries, the price includes a three-hour return wait*


Vilnius ⇆ Kaliningrad

Vilnius - Kaliningrad
from 300,00 eur
Vilnius - Kaliningrad - Vilnius
from 500,00 eur

For round-trip itineraries, the price includes a three-hour return wait*


Prague ⇆ Kaliningrad

Prague - Kaliningrad
from 900,00 eur
Prague - Kaliningrad - Prague
on request

For round-trip itineraries, the price includes a three-hour return wait*


Berlin ⇆ Kaliningrad

Berlin - Kaliningrad
from 500,00 eur
Berlin - Kaliningrad - Berlin
on request

For round-trip itineraries, the price includes a three-hour return wait*


Klaipeda ⇆ Kaliningrad

Klaipeda - Kaliningrad
from 200,00 eur
Klaipeda - Kaliningrad - Klaipeda
from 375,00 eur

For round-trip itineraries, the price includes a three-hour return wait*


Riga ⇆ Kaliningrad

Riga - Kaliningrad
from 500,00 eur
Riga - Kaliningrad - Riga
on request

For round-trip itineraries, the price includes a three-hour return wait*


Kraków ⇆ Kaliningrad

Kraków - Kaliningrad
from 650,00 eur
Kraków - Kaliningrad - Kraków
on request

For round-trip itineraries, the price includes a three-hour return wait*


Kaunas ⇆ Kaliningrad

Kaunas - Kaliningrad
from 250,00 eur
Kaunas - Kaliningrad - Kaunas
from 400,00 eur

For round-trip itineraries, the price includes a three-hour return wait*


Sopot ⇆ Kaliningrad

Sopot - Kaliningrad
from 210,00 eur
Sopot - Kaliningrad - Sopot
from 380,00 eur

For round-trip itineraries, the price includes a three-hour return wait*


Mikołajki ⇆ Kaliningrad

Mikołajki - Kaliningrad
from 200,00 eur
Mikołajki - Kaliningrad - Mikołajki
from 375,00 eur

For round-trip itineraries, the price includes a three-hour return wait*


Tallinn ⇆ Kaliningrad

Tallinn - Kaliningrad
from 850,00 eur
Tallinn - Kaliningrad - Tallinn
on request

For round-trip itineraries, the price includes a three-hour return wait*

Feedback from our clients

August 3, I went with Toptransfer from Sopot to Kaliningrad. I liked everything, and as for the border, we stood of course, but faster than at other crossings, the driver was good, constantly monitored the situation at all border crossings. Thank you

Andrei Kuznetcov

I would like to thank Alexander for a great and comfortable transfer from Warsaw to Kaliningrad! Safe driving, pleasant conversation - that accompanied the trip! Delivered to my husband safe and sound.


Alexander, thank you for a wonderful transfer to Gdansk! It was awesome, I don't know how drivers create such an atmosphere, but I didn't even feel that on the road, incredible coziness in the car! Adam bravo, this is the best driver with whom I traveled! I am very satisfied! Thank you again!

Marina N

I would like to say thank you to TopTransfer and driver Armin for a pleasant transfer. I had an evening departure from Kaliningrad to Gdansk. The driver picked me up from my desired address and took me home. Everything is accurate, as fast and comfortable as possible. Great car and great attitude. Payment at the end of the trip, everyone was always in touch. Thank you!


Good afternoon Alexander, I would like to thank you for the transfer to Gdansk with driver Anton. Everything went perfectly, Anton is a fast guy, we passed the border with flying colors. As you said, all the fears were in vain) Thank you!

Vlad K

Good day, I would like to write a review) The trip to Klaipeda with Top-Transfer left a lot of impressions. The driver Dmitry was a guide and driver in one person, told a lot of interesting things, and the trip was in one breath, I did not notice how we arrived and it seems even upset) Pleasant atmosphere and comfortable ride! Thank you, Alexander, I wish you success and prosperity!


Hello, Alexander! Thank you for the transfer to Gdansk from Kaliningrad. Special thanks to the driver Alexander, professional driver, cool car, everything was great! At the border a little standing, but comfortable, the time flew by quickly, at the post itself all quickly, without problems. I will contact you again!

Svetlana Zharko

Good day, ordered a trip and yesterday I traveled from Gdansk airport to Hrabrovo airport with this carrier,
Everything went perfectly, on arrival the driver was waiting for me, after I wrote that I was in the airport building, the driver arrived in a few minutes, drove the car comfortably, gave me a drink of water, at the border without any problems, he told me everything, and we got to Khrabrovo in the best way.
In general, my assessment of the carrier = strictly 5+.

Harper Lee

question answers

We have collected the most relevant questions that are usually asked when ordering a transfer with us.
If you have not found the answer to your question, ask it in any way indicated in the contacts, and we will promptly advise you.

You can place a transfer order via our website, messengers, email or SMS. We do not accept orders over the phone as we prefer to receive transfer details in writing. We, like everyone, do not exclude the possibility of mistakes, and providing the order in writing significantly reduces the risk of errors and subsequent misunderstandings.

For information on transfer costs, please refer to the ” Routes” section of our website. Costs may vary depending on season, number of passengers, pets or luggage.

We carry out transportation by car to practically any point in Europe that can be reached. For example, we have organized trips from Milan to Kaliningrad and from Gdynia to Nizhny Novgorod. But it is important to note that even in a comfortable car with a friendly driver, long trips can be tiring for passengers, especially if they take several days. In addition, it is important to consider that the driver sometimes needs a rest too.

Of course, we often have discounts for both regular customers and group bookings. If you are interested in saving money when making a transfer, we are always ready to discuss available options and offer favorable conditions.

For passenger transportation, we have comfortable sedans and crossovers of all classes available. In addition, minibuses are available for group travel, providing convenience and comfortable transportation for large companies. We are ready to suggest the right type of vehicle to make your transfer flawless.

If we have available cars, we can organize a transfer within 3-5 hours, sometimes even faster. However, we recommend making an order at least 2 days before the trip. During holidays and vacations, we recommend making an order at least 2 weeks before the planned event.

If you cancel or adjust the transfer data in advance – no problem, overlaps do happen in the transportation industry. However, if the driver has already left for you or is already waiting for you, we will ask for reimbursement of fuel costs and working time.

Of course, we have child seats for your comfort and safety above all else. We also provide water, charging and wi-fi in our cars. All cars are equipped with luggage racks that provide ample space to accommodate luggage without inconveniencing passengers. In any case, we recommend to inform additionally about the need for additional luggage space, and specify its dimensions.

The first hour of waiting is included in the service, further waiting time is charged separately and is 15 euros per hour.

If you tell us the flight number, we will keep track of it and bring the car to you when it arrives. Then we will not charge a late fee. If the flight arrives earlier, you may have to wait for the driver until the scheduled arrival time.

The safety of our passengers during the transfer is our priority. All our vehicles undergo regular and thorough maintenance to ensure that they are in excellent technical condition. In addition, all our drivers are experienced chauffeurs and are trained to observe high safety standards when transporting passengers, which further ensures a safe and comfortable transfer for all our clients.

Of course! But not all, and not for everyone. Someone speaks only Polish and Russian, and someone speaks English and Russian, but there are few drivers with knowledge of English, Polish and Russian, so be sure to specify a comment in the order, if it is fundamentally important.

Of course, we have fares that include a round trip transfer, which often includes a 3 hour wait time for the driver. If you need more time, everything can be calculated individually, and in any case it will be more profitable than ordering two separate transfers.

Once your transfer has been confirmed, you will receive the driver’s phone number. You can contact him and discuss everything. You can also always contact the dispatcher by phone, SMS, messenger or email. In the contacts you will find in the corresponding section.

Credit card payment is not available at this time, but we are working on it.

The standard set usually includes the following options: drinking water, USB charging, free Wi-Fi, child seat (when ordering a transfer, be sure to specify that children are traveling with you).

Also all cars are equipped with air conditioner and heater. If you need any additional options, please specify it in the order.

In case of any force majeure we always have a dispatcher on call, each situation is individual, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The driver also takes part for a favorable solution to the issue. In any case, you are not left alone with the problem, and our team will do everything possible to ensure that your transfer was successful, comfortable and safe.

If you suspect that you may have problems in crossing the border, it is better to consult additionally.

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